The Moon Label

Assorted Charm Necklace

Black chord necklace: 43-45cm.
Leave message at check out if you'd like it as a chord choker (35cm).

Picture one, top row from left to right:
T-rex, Pineapple (2cm), Hamsa, Vine Heart, Snowflake, Weed, Om.

Second row:
Moon Face, Moon Fairy, Crescent Star, Saturn, Sun (2.8cm), Dino.

Third row:
3D Crescent (3cm), Pentacle Burst, Pentacle, Karma, UFO (I believe).

Fourth row:
Hanged (4.3cm), Stake, Eye of Horus, Yin Yang, Smiley.

Fifth row:
Elephant (2.2cm), Widow, Best Friends, Mermaid, Shell, Pizza Slice

Picture four:
Skelly (4.1cm), Dala, Crescent Cut, Cross, Fairy Wand (2.5cm)